Services – Support for patients with Diabetes!


Do you or a loved one need assistance with diabetic care? We can help! CORE provides new and exciting opportunities to help diabetic patients lead normal, healthy, active lifestyles!


CORE Activities!

Fitness and Wellness
Join us Monday thru Thursday from 10:00 am until 7:00 pm in our fitness center! Physical fitness classes are offered once a week!




Men’s Health Campaign
Men’s health works with African American males in Georgetown County to increase health awareness and decrease disparity!







Diabetes Education
We offer workshops and training programs such as Choose to Live, Diabetes 101, Power to Prevent, and more!



Healthy Cooking Classes
Join our professional chefs and learn how to create healthy, tasty meals for you or your family!







Computer Health Classes
Learn how to use modern technology, and how to access and find reliable health information online!


Diabetes Self Management
REACH US; SEA – CEED offers diabetes self management courses at the Choppee Complex and the Old Sampit.







Community Garden
Visit our community garden and select fresh vegetables, herbs, and starches. While you are there, ask about our Healthy Eating classes!



My Guide to Sugar Diabetes
[CLICK HERE] for important information about diabetes management; Types of Medicine, Blood/Sugar Levels, Types of Diabetes, Symptoms of Diabetes, and more!

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